Strategy & ROI

Before you begin to promote your product/service you need to create a marketing strategy. Not having a strategy is like flying an airplane without instruments in a hurricane. Spoiler alert - you and your business crash! Market research, analysis, segmentation, consumer behavior and targeting will result in strategy, tactics, implementation, action and evaluation.

Experience and a Master's in Business and Marketing is essential in determining your plan.

Digital & Social Media

SMM, SEO, SEM, CPC, CPL, CPV PPC, CRM... Did you know there are over 100 acronyms for Digital Marketing. That is where I come in! You do not have to know what these mean, I do. I will help you with all aspects of digital marketing and social media management, including creating an exclusive, unique strategy for you and your business. Your digital presence is your business. 

Make it count!


Over 20 years of experience has allowed me to observe the evolution of brand(s) and branding. It isn't just a logo anymore. It is company culture, personal presentation and personality, authenticity and transparency. 

It is the representation of YOU and your business. Once established, pantone, fonts, content, website, social media, right down to the presentation of what you wear and the exterior (and interior) of your business counts. 

It IS A LOT and I can help.